• Investigating fake / anonymous websites, blogs and social profiles
  • Identifying anonymous email senders, online posters, account owners
  • Performing Social Media forensics on profiles, posts, media and relationships
  • Investigating Intellectual Property theft and abuse
  • Investigating online impersonation, extortion, defamation and harassment
  • Investigating Internet frauds, “Nigerian” scams, investment scams
  • Tracing and mitigating email Spear Phishing / BEC fraud
  • Investigating online privacy issues, data leaks and breaches
  • Analyzing headers, metadata and content to trace and authenticate email
  • Analyzing URLs, web addresses, domain names, IP addresses, DNS, web hosting records
  • Analyzing website HTML code, online data and electronic documents
  • Locating hidden, deleted or modified websites and online data
  • Conducting online and social media research on individuals and entities
  • Forensically preserve websites, social media and online data for evidence
  • Providing written reports, affidavits and testimony for litigation and arbitration



• Affidavits and declarations
• Expert reports
• Evidence collection and preservation
• Depositions and testimony
• Advice, guidance before and during cases
• DMCA takedowns
• Abuse reporting


NOTE:  We do not provide computer or digital forensics services, such as computer, hard drive or mobile device imaging or analysis.