Internet Forensics Experts is a boutique Internet Investigative Consultancy specializing in Internet Forensics for complex Online and Offline Investigations.

We investigate, perform analysis, advise, consult and when needed prepare clear and accurate evidence for litigation and presentation in court for Civil and Criminal Defense, as well as for Law enforcement.

Founder and Senior Consultant Nick Braak has thirteen years of experience as an Internet Investigator, Internet Forensics Specialist and Cybercrime SME with more than 800 successful cases and assignments. He has prepared affidavits, declarations, expert reports and has testified in Federal Court.

Clients and assignments have included celebrities, HNW persons, executives, major corporations, organizations, public figures, organizations, business owners and individuals in the US and overseas.

Many of these assignments were highly confidential, sensitive or contentious with a reputational or economic impact.



Internet Forensics is a descriptive term for a specialty within Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) that involves the analysis, collection and preservation of Internet activities and data from websites, email, social media, domain names, IP addresses and digital media for investigation purposes.



  • Sextortion and blackmail
  • Smear campaigns
  • Anonymous and pseudo-anonymous blogs, websites and social media
  • Anonymous consumer complaint sites
  • “Cheater” websites
  • Online privacy issues (leaks, personal data)
  • Marital and relationship disputes


  • Email Spear Phishing / Business Email Compromise (BEC)
  • Online impersonation / extortion / defamation / harassment
  • Proving and disproving alleged hacking and account take-overs
  • Internet frauds, “Nigerian” scams, investment scams
  • Fake and impersonation websites and social profiles
  • IP theft and abuse
  • Insider threats